Looking back, it was not possible for me to have imagined, back in the spring of 2019, that we would have come so far in just 6 years. Back then, I, like many, was completely absorbed with the need to end the blatant corruption that had taken over the United States of America. William Barr never did turn over the Mueller Report and most people think he shredded most of it. We never did impeach the President, but after he soaked his donors for money throughout 2019 and half of 2020, he went silent and we all started to realize that he was not going to run for office again. He had ended Medicare and many people died from being unable to pay for their health needs. He siphoned money from pretty much every corner of the budget and gave it to his friends and supporters, and of course much of it wound up in Trump companies.

Vladimir Putin became upset with Trump when some of his demands for sanctions removal and international war efforts were not followed, and he released a report naming all the co-conspirators who were involved in the 2016 election fraud that prevented Hillary Clinton from becoming our President. Some people didn’t believe it when he said he had paid off Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Grassley, Paul Ryan, and even Mike Pence. There were many more, but it really doesn’t matter now, because they are all living out their lives in Rikers prison. All the other prisoners who had lived there were moved to luxury rehab centers and all for-profit-prisons were closed permanently. Putin also disclosed that he and MBS had discussed how to bring Jared Kushner in to the conspiracy plot by giving him money for 666 5th Avenue, which was failing and their ease of rigging the election through the electoral college and targeted social media campaigns.

By the time, the 2020 election came along, Elizabeth Warren and VP Pete Buttagieg won easily against a Republican who’s name no one remembers. They put Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Corey Booker, Amy Klobuchar, Julian Castro, Stacey Abrams, and other superstars in their cabinet and we truly had the most amazing administration in US history. We began undoing pretty much everything Trump had done – tearing down the wall and allowing all Muslim countries to travel to our cities and we reinstated healthcare for all. We put coal miners to work on AI and solar. We modified gas cars to be electric and installed wind and solar on every roof and highway, and even floating in the sky. We gave land back to families who were descendants of native Americans, slaves and they made free range farms with happy animals. We gave everyone a pathway to citizenship after they worked or went to school for 5 years, and made a law that no one would have to wait longer than 5 years to be a citizen if they followed basic rules of good citizenship.

Before the 2024 election, Elizabeth Warren had agreed to give the Presidency over to Mayor/VP Pete and we all just decided that it was a great idea – there was no longer any Republican party. To be continued…