Sue Equifax

I won a 9.1k judgement against Equifax. I will help you do it too, since the app that helped me is currently not working at View this doc as a reference and then get your own local small claims form and fill them in the same way, replace name, address, court address, etc….. .

The court might serve the docs for you, as they did for me, or you may need to do it yourself, but it is easy to serve by mail with signature at USPS. I was in court on the same day as this guy, so his article will give you an idea of the experience – He won almost as much as I did – 8k. Here is the judgement I received:

If you really want to learn about this, read the Massachusettes AG’s complaint on behalf of her state (something every state AG should do)…..equifax-complaint

If you are in San Francisco or want to visit, you can watch my case on appeal on March 8, 9am at Dept. 525 in San Francisco Superior Court.

The Federal Government won’t hold corporations responsible and neither will our state AGs, so we have to do it. They probably sold our info and then sold their stocks and retired. WTF!!!