Mueller Report – Part 1

Mueller Report, Part I (This is not an official document from USDOJ)

#RogerStone left the Trump campaign in 2015 to work with #FelixSater, #Manafort, #kiliminik, #guccifer #GRU# Putin and #Assange. They started paying off #MitchMcConnell & #LindseyGraham , etc. via russian donations in 2015. #Collusion #conspiracy #electionfraud Their election fraud is the worst cover-up in history. If William Barr doesn’t release the entire report, then he is conspiring with them too.


  1. Donald J. Trump, individually and through his companies and associated properties has laundered money that came from Russian officials and oligarchs.
  2. Donald J. Trump fraudulently misled the American public prior to the 2016 presidential election by hiding information that would have otherwise provided the public with knowledge of his immoral sexual activities.
  3. Donald J. Trump, individually and through his family members and employees took for their own benefit, funds that were by law, required to be used for the January 2017 inaugural event. Many of these funds were received from foreign nationals seeking favors from Donald Trump and his cabinet officials. The funds were funneled into the inaugural account, disguised as donations from American individuals and corporations.
  4. Donald J. Trump, both individually and by direction to employees, consultants and campaign staff, did provide informaiton and coordination with Russian nationals in order to influence the 2016 presidential election to favor candidate Donald Trump, including the illegal transmittal and publication of stolen data and coordinated release of that data in ways that would most effectively impact the 2016 presidential election results. Furthermore, Donald J. Trump coordinated efforts with Rebecca Mercer and Cambridge Analytica to unlawfully use personal information of Facebook members and use that information to target the American public with fraudulent information to illegally influence the US presidential election.
  5. Donald J. Trump, both individually and through employees, family members and consultants did request and receive favors from foreign leaders and their representatives in exchange for favors that he was only able to provide via his capacity as President of the United States and the associated influence he had over cabinet members and legislators within the US government. i.e. removal of sanctions against Russian oligarch Deripaska; Ending US/Russia ballistic missile agreement; No sanctions against Saudi Arabia for the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Mohammad Bin Salman. Violations include the receipt of millions of dollars paid to Trump business entities in the form of property rentals and other violations of emoluments law in exchange for political favors that benefit foreign entities financially.
  6. Donald J. Trump did commit obstruction of justice violations by firing numerous persons in the Justice Department who refused to provide assurances of loyalty to Donald Trump and/or to agree to close the investigation into his own criminal activity and the criminal activity of his family members, employees, consultants and Russians working on his behalf. Donald J. Trump did threaten Michael Cohen via tweets regarding his family in order to attempt to stop him from testifying and did attempt to have acting AG Matthew Whitaker modify an assigned prosecutor at the Southern District of New York, whom he expected would treat him more favorably in future prosecutions.

The findings above are based on information discovered through interviews, documents, telephone calls, emails and text messages, which are currently available in the public domain. If you think this is the actual report by Robert Mueller, III, watch the news more often.