Review of The Suicide Machines Concert

Impressions of the Suicide Machines show at Slim’s
photographs and story by J.D. Brumback

plus samples of the new album – “Destruction by Definition”

It was so hot in Slim’s we thought it was raining. The lead singer noticed how much everyone was sweating and was handing out water even before the first song began. The band gave the crowd the go ahead for slamming and diving before ripping into the first song – “Step 1”. The crowd whipped itself up into a hot musty ball of steam. People began jumping on and flying off stage faster than the bouncers could fathom. They resigned themselves to just keeping people from getting hurt and maintaining the sound equipment which was also flying around.

Jay invited the crowd to sing along and even handed over the microphone to fans for little solos. He definitely knew how to work the crowd and everyone seemed to be loving the show and thriving in the energy that was going back and forth between the audience and the band. There was no slowing down for these guys. They came into Slim’s, threw out the high energy with a no-nonsense show, and left the crowd wanting more. It was more movement than we’ve seen at Slim’s all year. All the “No slamming”, “No diving” rules were broken with non-stop action and the show was over before we knew it.





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