Domestic Violence by Trump

We are watching a clear example of Domestic Violence against the United States of America. Typically, in DV situations, the patriarch creates problems to distract from his own crimes and makes the victim(s) keep busy solving those problems and afraid of  new repercussions so they don’t dare stand up to him. We are allowing the fraudulently elected president to commit more crimes and beef up his team of lawyers (17 new lawyers hired this week) to deny the crimes that put him in office. The dictator is creating a crisis among federal employees, their families and those who care about them, while also endangering the lives of hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers, including children who have been incarcerated in dangerous conditions for many months.

Future generations will wonder why we allowed McConnell to stay in power (the policeman who will not charge the abuser) and protect the dictator from impeachment. More than 10 campaign officials have been proven to have colluded and conspired with Russians to interfere and steal the 2016 election, yet that is apparently not enough to warrant impeachment. Muslims were banned from our country in violation of law and that is not enough to warrant impeachment. Lies have been told daily to the public about all sorts of issues, and even though Bill Clinton was impeached for 1 lie, this is also not enough for Trump’s impeachment.

We are all being beat down into submission and brainwashed into accepting that there is no solution and that the person sitting in the most powerful position is in fact, above the law and cannot be indicted while in office. This is the most ridiculous thing imaginable – the idea that the country cannot handle the admission that we somehow put a criminal in the Oval Office is reprehensible. A democracy that decides that even if the leader was put in office through fraud, murder, or any other means, there is nothing we can do about it – is no democracy.

We are saying that he can make any executive order, no matter who it destroys, and the only remedy we have is to go to court, which can be much too late. Would you allow a thief to stay in the bank while you take him to court? Good bye America; everything we have fought to achieve and everything the Founding Fathers intended is now meaningless.

Vice President Pence and others, nod their heads about the need for border security, even though they all know that “the wall” was always intended to be a racism inciter and was never an actual plan to build a wall.  They think that if they speak to us as if we are complete idiots, we will assume that someone agrees with them and that we should probably agree too.

In my experience, when you are confronted with a domestic violence situation, you ask the police for a restraining order, you put the perpetrator in jail, and then you let the courts deal with it.  By the time Congress acts or the 2020 election comes along, our country will be destroyed.

McConnell is standing up in the Senate pretending that they have no ability to override the President’s veto and even bringing Israel into it by saying that the Democrat Senators won’t move on to passing bills to protect the Zionist criminals and just forget up the shutdown. How pathetic – they bring anti-semetics into any argument they are losing.