Interview with The Brand New Heavies

Interview with Andrew Levy and samples from the New Album.

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CitySites Interview With Andrew Levy

By James Cowart.

Hi Andrew, Thanks for taking time-out from your busy schedule to talk with me.
Andrew : It’s my pleasure.James : As a bassist, who were your influences?
Andrew : I think that it all started with James Brown and Miles Davis. They really influenced me at a young age. That is when I picked up my first instrument, the bassoon.James : What is one of the earliest memories with the original “Heavies” crew – (you and Jan Kincaid and Simon Bartholomew)?
Andrew : When we first started playing together, we used to jam a lot in our own bedrooms. After a couple of those “Bedroom Jams” we just knew it was meant to be, and then everything just happened.

James : Tell me about the period between the new album “Shelter” and the previous album?
Andrew : Maturity, we definitely matured. We learned a lot about arrangements, melodies and structures.

James : You seem really enthusiastic about how thing are going with the new album “Shelter”. Did positive change occur with the addition of Siedah Barrett?
Andrew : Well Siedah stepped into the studio and we recorded a track in one day. Immediately, we all knew that this could really, really happen.

James : How do you feel about the bands you are playing with at the Smokin Grooves Tour?
Andrew : Well, we are playing with a great bill. I’m really enthusiastic about the bands we are playing with. But, we are definitely going to be the funkiest band on Tour.

James : If you weren’t a musician Andrew, what would you be doing?
Andrew : Well, (laughing), I went to college for five years, and I’d like to go back. I want to be an Architect. I’ve always been interested in achitecture. After all, I don’t want to jump around on stage the rest of my life.

James : Are you familiar with the Internet?
Andrew : We all have our own websites, so we’re definitely internet friendly.

James : Thanks again for taking time-out Andrew. Any last words for your fans?
Andrew : World – get ready for some serious funk.


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