Review of Fiona Apple Concert

Fiona Apple is on tour!

Review by James Cowart and Live Photos by J.D. Brumback from the show at the Luther Burbank Center.
Check out some samples from her new album – “Tidal”

The long awaited tour of 19 year old Fiona Apple brought us to the Luther Burbank Center in Santa Rosa. The venue itself doubles as a concert hall by night and place of worship by day. The setting reminds me of a place where MTV’s “Unplugged” show could easily take place. The crowd of nearly one thousand people ranging from ftwelve year olds to fans in their mid-forties were treated to an intimate evening on Fionna’s tour of her debut CD, Tidal.

The stage consisted of a baby grand piano, drums, a xylophone, a stand-up bass, numerous guitars, organs and keyboards. Enourmous candles and incense covered the stage, setting the tone for Fiona and her band.

As Fiona made her way on stage, the audience gave her a warm welcome. She sat at the baby grand and instigated the first song of the evening – a slow moving composition that left the audience simultaneously stunned and amazed. The young, sultry musician then moved to center stage to exchange words with the crowd. “You know what . . . Sometimes I just get so pissed off. I mean REALLY pissed off!” Immediately, a drum kick and bass roll-off commenced, which led the audience into the familiar “I tell you how I feel, but you don’t care.”

Fiona performed her number one hit single, “Sleep To Dream”, with an intense passion that sent a flow of emotional energy into the crowd and back to the stage in waves. Along with the multi-talented Patrick Warren, Fiona and company displayed their ability to create music that can affect an entire culture. These messages are part of a new musical movement that tells us not to be so passive with OURSELVES rather than with government or everyday complaints. Let the light that we all hold, shine and shine brightly. The audience was obviously moved and entertained as Fionna belted out ballads such as “Never A Promise” and Sullen Girl” and then the emotionally powerful songs like “Shadowboxer” and “Criminal”.


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