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Pretty easy to see that Manafort was experienced with installing candidates in office for Putin. Trump hired him and then Manafort arranged to make a deal with Putin – If Trump won the election, then Trump would remove sanctions against Russia. If that’s not a conspiracy, then we are all really stupid. Kushner, Don Jr. and Gates were all in on it and Facebook is guilty too. They knew how much money Russia was putting into their ad campaigns to sway the election and they did not care. $$$$$$

Keeping Trump in office is just plain stupid. McConnell and Barr are co-conspirators in keeping the criminal in office. The DOJ memo preventing prosecution of a sitting president is illegal and even more stupid. Can he shoot Democrats who oppose him? Would that permit conviction?

History will remember who did or did not try to impeach him. History will remember who did nothing, while the rich, idiot, white man got away with stealing an election, lying to the public daily and conspiring to protect and reward Putin for stealing our elections.